The World Never Changes

The Envoy Arrives

After Nala and Bertram recovered from their evening of putting together a “thieves guild”, they found that all but one of the boys had been caught. It turns out that they seven who were caught were led by Silpo straight to the mayor’s house, where they defaced the entirety of every outer wall. After being taken to the stables by the neighborhood watch, Silpo’s mother came to pay his fine.
p. After school, Nala and Bertram discussed their weekend, as the teacher cancelled class the next day. He said that the Envoy was coming. They did not know what that meant, but they had much to figure out. Nala worked up a plan to release the boys caught the night before; Bertram decided he would help by catching a badger with his friend, Porthan. To Bertram great distress, however, neither he nor Porthan were prepared for an angry badger. Try as he might, once the badger started attacking Porthan, Bertram could not help in any way. He was just too young. Everything happened so fast and Bertram ran back to get help, knowing that he was already too late.
p. While the guard went to help Porthan, Nala took the opportunity to release the boys and take care of the fine. Unfortunately, she forgot to use a different paper; the one she used contained a drawing of the new “thieves guild” that the two children had created for their project.
p. As the day turned into evening, the children decided to get some rest before the Envoy arrived the next morning. WHile Bertram had to work with his father for the morning, Nala explored the setup of what began to look like a carnival. After Bertram finished working, the two explored the grounds even more, until they found what was called “The Fighter’s Ring,” which was a ring of wagons that all of the martial, melee, and ranged weapon performers gathered.
p. It was in The Fighter’s Ring that they met Hawk Sard, a small, nimble, white-haired man with a beard that funneled into a point like a spiraling tornado. He seemed like a flamboyant man and talked with them about using bows, and their minds, to achieve “The Distance.” They decided to take some lessons from this man, after they realized that this Envoy appeared to operate as a place where a person could take lessons on anything that they saw. That night, they watched the opening parade and Bertram rather enjoyed himself, dancing with a young visiting girl, named Vivica, whose auburn hair was pulled into ringlets, and clicked with every jug they danced. They knew that they would need to turn in soon, but Nala, whether jealous or mischievous, could not resist telling her dullard brother that Bertram really wanted to dance. Heatham took the opportunity to break in while Bertand was dancing with Vivica and toss him around like a rag doll. Full of embarrassment, Bertrand went home.
p. After a night’s rest and a full day of taking in what seemed to be an entire village of visitors come to have a festival, Bertrand found his good friend, Silpo again. He realized that he had not paid him yet, and though he tried to cheat him a little, Silpo wanted every copper he earned from the night of hikinx for which he was incarcerated. Silpo also shared that his mother had spent their last bit of money bailing him out and he was forced to muck all of the outhouses in Lowtown, which took two days.
p. Now that he had a little money clinging in his pocket, Silpo took turns taking in the Envoy, looking for his mother, checking in with his “Shanks of Todeg” gang, and trying his hands at juggling. The three began spending a fair bit of time together, practicing with Hawk Sard, enjoying new sights, and gobbling up new fare from the cook wagon.
p. It was on the third day of the Envoy that things began to get worrisome for the children. They found that a sign similar to theirs had shown up on the King’s Coin in Lowtown and both the Sleepy Sailor and the owner’s home. Silpo and Bertram began investigating their appearance, while Nala had supper with, what turned out to be the Envoy’s organizer, Tuson.
p. Lady Tuson had quite a conversation, which Nala was ensure of the amount to share with the two boys. She shared as much as she could, but it was more confusing than anything else. However, after looking for her father for the last three days, she learned more than she cared to learn after finding her father the morning of the fourth day of Envoy. For before her father, Airis, told her that she should not come looking for him again, he told her that Tuson has the prophetic speech, and that it sounded as if the King would die, and soon. Further, Airis told Nala that the Lady Tuson would be wanting Nala to come with them when the Envoy leaves. Nala was taken aback, and was shocked even further when she met back up with Bertram and Silpo.
p. While she was away, Silpo discovered that not only was the other tavern owner’s boy attacked, someone had been to his room and slashed up his bed, leaving a note. Nala read it for him; “This must end, or you must end.” It was at this time that the three youth began to worry, not about getting in trouble, but about what could happen to them.

The Town of Todeg

City of Todeg – Shit Town and High Town
Community Size:Village
Population:620 Adults
Size:25.08 Acres

Famous:Hot Springs and lakes

King’s Coin Club
Silpal is fairly tall, with pale skin and voluminous dark hair. He has a disgusting mustache and wears a poorly fashioned cloak that fits well on his muscular frame (Bertram’s friend).

Keywords – Envoy, Renegades, King’s Justice, Enlightened

Bertram and Nala found out that the Envoy is coming tomorrow. Porthan said he wanted to catch a badger and kill some ravens

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